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Destination Wedding Photographer Ivo Popov presents: Trash The Dress with Gery and Philip.

When Gery and Philip contacted me about their wedding and told me it will be on the beach I instantly new it would be a lot of fun. I was right 🙂 The wedding passed and since they were very happy with the images, Gery and Philip decided to book me for a Trash the Dress session, off course also close to the sea. We went at the small fisherman’s village of Tiulenovo on the coast of Black Sea. Please enjoy some of the images from the session.

Trash The Dress

Trash The Dress

Brussels-wedding-photographer-Ivo-Popov-Gergana-Philip-1 Brussels-wedding-photographer-Ivo-Popov-Gergana-Philip-2 Brussels-wedding-photographer-Ivo-Popov-Gergana-Philip-3 Brussels-wedding-photographer-Ivo-Popov-Gergana-Philip-4 Brussels-wedding-photographer-Ivo-Popov-Gergana-Philip-5 Brussels-wedding-photographer-Ivo-Popov-Gergana-Philip-7 Trash The Dress Trash The Dress Brussels-wedding-photographer-Ivo-Popov-Gergana-Philip-10 Brussels-wedding-photographer-Ivo-Popov-Gergana-Philip-11 Trash The Dress Brussels-wedding-photographer-Ivo-Popov-Gergana-Philip-13 Brussels-wedding-photographer-Ivo-Popov-Gergana-Philip-14 Trash The Dress Brussels-wedding-photographer-Ivo-Popov-Gergana-Philip-16
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