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Huwelijksfotograaf Antwerpen Ivo Popov presents: The Wedding of Kim and Yves.

I met Kim and Yves for the first time at Starbucks at the Brussels Airport 🙂 Surrounded by countless travellers we started discussing their wedding plans and ideas 🙂 Ten minutes later I knew I wanted to photograph their wedding! And it was the most unique wedding day I have ever attended. The party was held before they officially signed, they had a spiritual ceremony in an old chapel, but there was no priest present and their reception was in a theatre in the city centre 🙂 Good times! I love that each wedding I photograph is an adventure and I am grateful to all of you who let me be part of it! Thank you Kim and Yves, your wedding was truly epic!

Enjoy this one! More images from this Wedding in Antwerp are coming soon!

Huwelijksfotograaf Antwerpen

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