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Antwerp wedding photographer Ivo Popov presents: The Wedding of Lilit and Nemo in Antwerp.

“Great photography is about depth-of-feeling, not depth of field.” This quote goes back a long time and it’s been attributed to so many great photographers, that no one really knows who was the author. In any case he was right. Every wedding is all about feelings, about friends coming together to celebrate them, about family!
It’s not often that I have a wedding marked on my calendar eighteen months before the actual date:) So much time had passed after our first contact, that when the wedding day finally came, it felt like I’ve always known Lilit and Nemo. When you talk about epic weddings, this was epic – amazing weather, incredible venue, a kind and beautiful couple and a wild set of friends 🙂 Lilit had an idea that we do some group photos after the religious ceremony with all their friends on the busiest shopping street in Antwerp – Meir. So we hit the streets and it was exactly as you could imagine – hundreds of people shopping, walking, eating and just having fun and almost half of them trying to take a photo on their smartphones of the wedding party going crazy:)
The reception and the dinner were in the San Marco Village just outside the city. And there something amazing happened – I photographed the most beautiful opening dance in my photography career! Lilit and Nemo thank you so much for allowing me to share this awesome/fun/beautiful/crazy day with you!

The first image is from Lilit’s amazing bridal dance for her groom.

Opening dance


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