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I just received this brand new wedding book samples in two sizes! The big one is 25x20cm and the new small square one is 18x18cm. They are with soft covers and are printed on Pearl/Glossy thick photo paper. The big one is included for free in my Premium package 😉 The small one is perfect as a present for friends and family or a nice memory from your engagement session!

Please contact me if you want to see one in person. They are way cuter that way 🙂


Brussels-Wedding-Photographer-Ivo-Popov-Destination-Wedding-Books-3 Brussels-Wedding-Photographer-Ivo-Popov-Destination-Wedding-Books-2Brussels-Wedding-Photographer-Ivo-Popov-Destination-Wedding-Romania-2 Brussels-Wedding-Photographer-Ivo-Popov-Destination-Wedding-Romania-4 Brussels-Wedding-Photographer-Ivo-Popov-Destination-Wedding-Romania-9

Brussels Wedding Photographer | Huwelijksfotograaf Brusel – Ivo Popov

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