Valerie and Amaury in De Haan | Huwelijksfotograaf De Haan

Huwelijksfotograaf De Haan Ivo Popov presents: Valerie and Amaury in De Haan.

One of the things I’ve forced myself to specialise in, is getting good photos even in terrible conditions, especially bad weather. Time after time in Belgium I had to shoot in rain, wind and cold. But sometimes you catch a break. Last Sunday in De Haan was an absolutely gorgeous day – sunny and hot! And what better way to spend it than going to the seaside for a photo session 🙂 You probably remember Valerie and Amaury from their amazing wedding I photographed in Chateau de Bourgogne a few weeks ago. It was a gorgeous wedding, one that I will not soon forget!
We had the beach of De Haan for ourselves and we tried to get the best out of it 🙂


Huwelijksfotograaf De Haan

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Wedding Photographer in De Haan | Huwelijksfotograaf De Haan | – Ivo Popov
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