Huwelijksfotograaf Fonteinhof // Ines en Wouter

Huwelijksfotograaf Fonteinhof voor Ines en Wouter

I met Ines and Wouter a few years ago when I photographed his sisters wedding in Felix Pakhuis in Antwerp. They are such a cute couple and I had a blast photographing their wedding in Borgloon. It was an amazing day from start to finish, filled with tears, laughter, beautiful and emotional ceremony and great party! I can honestly say that I had never, until this wedding, seen anybody delivering the wedding flowers in such a way. Wouter is truly a fearless groom 🙂

I wondered why he chose this unusual approach and he explained that it was the way Ines’s father delivered the flowers on his wedding day years ago. Such a great homage!

Thank you guys for bringing me on this amazing adventure and I truly hope our paths will cross again in the future!

Please enjoy a small selection with photos from their wedding day and if you like what you see, do not hesitate to contact me here: I would love to work with you!

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