Wedding in Kasteel Gravenhof with Jessica and Olivier | Huwelijksfotografie

Kasteel Gravenhof wedding photographer Ivo Popov presents: Jessica and Olivier’s wedding in Gravenhof.

My favourite thing about documenting a wedding is watching friends and family come together to celebrate the union of two people madly in love 🙂 I had a blast shooting Jessica and Olivier’s wedding yesterday. And how couldn’t I? The weather was perfect, everybody was happy, Jessica and Olivier looked stunning! And also how often do I have the opportunity to make bride and groom portraits inside of a giant balloon 😉 Jessica and Olivier aren’t just incredibly nice, they’re absolutely hilarious. I spend most of this day photographing through laughter from their romantic and passionate ceremony in front of the amazing Kasteel Gravenhof well into the night for their awesome party.

On va s’aimer, On va danser, C’est la vie lalalalala 🙂 Enjoy this one, more to come soon!


Huwelijksfotograaf Brussel

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Huwelijksfotograaf Kasteel Gravenhof

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