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Bruges Wedding photographer Ivo Popov presents: John and Melanie in Bruges.

Being a professional photographer usually means that you are rarely in the pictures from your family vacations. Yep, you are the one holding the camera 🙂 John and Melanie came to spend a weekend in Bruges, just in time for the Christmas holidays. John is a fellow wedding photographer from Manchester, UK and Melanie designs wedding gowns, among other things. Their trip to Bruges was the perfect opportunity to have a photo session. They contacted me a few weeks before the shoot and we agreed on the date.
As I was driving from Brussels to meet them, I entered what seemed to be a wall of rain, wind and fog mere 10km from Bruges. Yep, not the best possible start of the day. Lucky for us the sky cleared up and the rain stopped shortly after I parked. And with that, the rest of the world flooded the streets 🙂
Bruges is a town like no other, it’s small, extremely photogenic and very, very crowded. All year long. But I guess that’s part of the charm of the city, that and the constant smell of freshly made waffles and chocolate. Neither the cold or the wind, nor the crowds couldn’t get in the way of our plans and we spent a great afternoon walking around the small streets of Bruges.
John and Melanie were the perfect models, but I guess that comes with the territory 🙂

Bruges Wedding Photographer

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