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Brussels wedding photographer Ivo Popov presents: Mariage au Chateau de Bourgogne.
Amaury and Valerie were so much fun! Just put them together and they start smiling 🙂 And the wedding was awesome! We started in Brussels, then went to France for the ceremony and the church and finished the night in style in Estaimbourg at the amazing Chateau de Bourgogne. Which by the way was also the bride’s family name. I liked Valerie and Amaury from the first moment I met them. Turns out we share a few passions – Amaury is an amateur photographer and they really like traveling. So, I’m not going to tell you what real love looks like. Better yet I am going to show you!

Thank you for having me as part of your amazing celebration! I am still hydrating like crazy 🙂 Enjoy!


Mariage au Chateau de Bourgogne

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