The Mumbai Wedding of Shaan and Lieven | Destination Wedding in India by Ivo Popov Photography

Wedding in Mumbai, India by Ivo Popov Photography

The Mumbai Wedding of Shaan and Lieven by Brussels Wedding Photographer Ivo Popov.

Ever since I became a wedding photographer I had this dream of photographing a wedding in India. Well this day finally came and it was great! Indian weddings are all about traditions, family and fun in all possible ways – nice music, good food, dancing and engaging in conversations with the people around you. It’s hard to explain the atmosphere, the colours, the music and the party in a few words, so I will let my images do the talking!
You probably remember Shaan and Lieven’s amazing wedding in Auberge du Pecheur from last year. A few weeks after the wedding I received an email from them asking me if I am free in the beginning of February to photograph their second wedding in Mumbai. You could probably imagine my answer 😉

When I meet new people and tell them I am a wedding photographer they always have the same first question – What is the most interesting/crazy/best/amazing wedding I’ve ever photographed? Honestly it’s a very tough question and my answer tends to be a bit disappointing – every single wedding is interesting/amazing and crazy in it’s own way, and this is why I love my job. But having said that the Mumbai wedding of Shaan and Lieven comes pretty high on my list!

Photographing a destination wedding is always hard – long travels, time away from people you love, new and unknown locations, different traditions and customs. But the rewards are high!

I’ve always thought that people dealing with creative jobs have to get out of their comfort zones as much as possible. And this is exactly what I did 🙂

Enjoy this one, more to come soon!

Wedding in Mumbai


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