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Brussels wedding photographer Ivo Popov presents: The Persian Wedding of Lnaz and Ehsan.

Always new, always exciting! I think that should be my motto 🙂 I love shooting exotic weddings and the Persian wedding of Lnaz and Ehsan was one of the most colorful and emotional events I have ever photographed. The thermometer pushed 33+ degrees that day and it felt as if I was magically transported somewhere in Persia, although the party was at the magnificent Chateau de Rivieren in Brussels. It’s always fascinating to observe the mixture of the Eastern traditions with the Western world. The emotions were vivid, everybody was dancing and having the time of their lives.
The image I decided to post is from the first look between the couple. It was a very emotional and powerful moment and even I had to wipe a tear behind the camera.
Thank you guys for making me part of your special day and treating me like family!

Enjoy this one. More to come soon!


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