Wedding in Auberge du Pecheur with Shaan and Lieven | Auberge du Pecheur Trouwfeest

Brussels Wedding photographer Ivo Popov presents: Wedding in Auberge du Pecheur – Shaan and Lieven.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in the “Auberge du Pecheur” and Shaan and Lieven looked absolutely stunning. It’s not an easy task to plan an outdoor event in Belgium at the end of September, but destiny smiled on their wedding day and we got to enjoy a stunning, heartfelt humanist ceremony by the river with the setting sun as a background. Yes, the weather was great, but it all comes down to the emotions – we had lots of laughter, a few tears were shed and everybody enjoyed themselves. Sometimes I feel blessed to be surrounded by so much happiness and passion every weekend, to experience different cultures and to be able to tell their unique stories.
Shaan and Liven had a truly international wedding, with their friends coming from all over the world and all ends of Belgium and Shaan’s family all the way from India. I won’t tell you the full story of the day, I will let the images do the talking, just one more thing – Shaan and Lieven opened the dance floor with an amazing Bollywood inspired flash mob 🙂 How cool is that!
I can’t wait to photograph your wedding in Mumbai, India 🙂



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